Robin Morales is a natural to lead tours through her many years as a travel professional with the airlines, tour companies, travel agencies and worldwide travel organizations she’s worked with.

She has derived sheer pleasure from her world travel experiences and wants to share her life-long passions for travel, food, wine and love of different cultures with you. Robin dives deep in planning a perfect tour; not just any cookie-cutter vacation, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring, memorable and enriching experiences.

She believes in seeing the world intimately in the most unique way possible. She wants to share that knowledge and passion with her fellow travelers.

Most importantly, your guide is always exploring & traveling to new destinations looking for the next hidden gem to introduce to her clients but she is also always approachable and open to new ideas and suggestions. Whether it be trekking a lesser-known wine route in South America or personally researching the cuisines and newer, small wineries in Eastern Europe.

Robin loves hearing from her clients, travel colleagues and friends the world over to absorb every iota of information they can impart to educate her.